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24 Points of Uniqueness, Why McD’s Won’t Ever be a Destination, “I am So Inspired”, Creating Consumer Magnets, and a 45 Second Contest

It’s July 2023, and here are your inspirational, educational Destination tidbits to get you through whatever part of the day or night you’re in.

Please read this all the way to the end and you’ll find a link to take a 45-second survey. If you complete it, you could win something that no one in your city or state owns.

First up: I’m going to share with you how to pull customers to your business from hundreds of miles away. And if you’re a community leader, I’m going to tell you how your local businesses could be attracting more high-spending customers to your area.

All of this would be kind of nice to know, don’t you think?

OK, stay with me on this: When I go to a McDonald’s to buy two of their cheeseburgers, I always do so in a moment of weakness, usually while driving, usually stress-filled, and while time-rushed. I always buy two cheeseburgers because they always taste exactly the same. Ketchup, mustard and little tasteless onions, all randomly scattered and squirted across a miniscule piece of meat on a soft, flavorless bun.


This is when I realize that I can be motivated by McD’s brand consistency. I do NOT want surprises, I do NOT want whatever’s new. I go there NOT to get a great burger, but to get the repeatable satisfaction of tasting something that is decades familiar.

McD’s is NOT a Destination business. They will never be. They would never take my Destination BootCamp class and even if they did, they would NEVER be able to pull customers from hundreds of miles away. Why? Because their business model is based on creating sameness and consistency. When I go into any of the 181 McD’s in Colorado, or 29 McD’s in Vermont, or the 1,165 of them in California, or the rest of the 40,000 of them around the world, I can count on them to create the familiar food buzz I’ve been addicted to for over 50 years.

But, if you want to be a Destination, you must create surprises, and the extraordinary, and you must be positively amazing and unexpected. And that all comes not from sameness and replication, but from creating the unique and one-of-a-kind.

So, here’s what we know about being unique. We know consumers respond positively to 24 points of uniqueness that they love and find fascinating. I’m not going to tell you the 24 points here, but you should know that they are like little buttons in a consumer’s mind, and when you correctly create uniqueness in one of these 24 ways, consumers say things like: “I like that!” Or, “I’ve never heard of that!” or “I want to go see that place!” or best, “I only want to buy from that place!”

Uniqueness is the start of creating a Destination Business. It is the foundation of creating customer insistence. And if you’re an independent business, Uniqueness gives you 24 tools that chains and franchises cannot use.

Want to learn more? Read on.

Second, registration is now open for our upcoming Destination BootCamp in Denver, Colorado on October 17-19, 2023. Below is the April, 2023 class and they have all learned those 24 points of Uniqueness and my entire 14-step Destination process.

This was a brilliant group. I was told repeatedly by them that they learned things they’d never heard before with a group of people they’ll never forget.

Now, our upcoming October 17-19 Destination BootCamp is being held at a fantastic hotel with amazingly affordable pricing, and when you stay there, you’ll receive so many free amenities, including our Monday night (your arrival day), BootCamp Open House with free drinks and appetizers.

The free treats and drinks and surprises are all fun, but remember that everything you will learn in this class has already been tested and shown to work because I interviewed over 10,000 independent business owners in over 600 communities and I took the smartest, most successful ones who shared their top secrets with me and created a 2.5 day class.

By the way, we ask every attendee who takes the BootCamp this one question: “How would you describe your BootCamp experience?” Here’s what one attendee wrote:

“I have so much work to do; I am so inspired; I need to get back to the office! I know how to fix what has been broken! I want to do it all NOW. Thank you for breaking that block up so I can take the steps necessary to make the changes.”

Again, these aren’t my words. Go to if you want to register or learn more.

Third: If you’re a community leader who would like to dramatically improve the business conditions of your area, you should know about our 2023 Community Reinvention Program. The Community Reinvention Program is where your organization sends a group of independent business owners and a Community Coordinator to my BootCamp and then, I come to your community and consult with those businesses.

If you haven’t read about our 2023 Program, Click hereto download the PDF that you can share with your city’s leaders and your Board members, and if you’d like to learn more, go to

Fourth, our Destination Train-the-Trainer class is September 5-7. This is the class for trainers, educators, and community-inspired leaders who want to help their local businesses with a class that teaches the basics of my Destination process, by becoming a certified Facilitator of my Destination Creation Course.

We currently have certified Facilitators in 27 states and 3 Canadian Provinces. There are 50 United States and 10 Canadian Provinces. (Do the math: 23 States and 7 Provinces are not represented)

But we are about to have our first Facilitator in Italy! è fantastico!

To see if your area is represented and to learn more, go to, or call me directly.

Fifth, here’s the 45-second survey and how you can be a winner!

If you’ve made it this far, I’ll tell you that the prize that will be awarded is a Hamster Escaping His Wheel t-shirt.

Why are we giving away a Hamster escaping his wheel shirt? Because business owners who take my class tell me they feel empowered, renewed, and that their businesses is no longer running them like a hamster on the wheel.

So, we created the design below, and now, you can win this shirt!

To take the 45-second survey, just click here.

That’s it for this newsletter.

Let me hear your thoughts, problems, and successes! My email address is [email protected] and you have my office number below.


About Jon Schallert
Jon Schallert is the only business consultant in the world teaching businesses and communities how to reinvent themselves into Consumer Destinations. He has consulted and spoken in over 600 communities and interviewed over 10,000 independent business owners in their stores, restaurants, and physical locations. Jon speaks to thousands annually on his 14-step “Destination Business” process and when Jon is not conducting keynotes and workshops at conferences and communities, he conducts his 2½ day Destination Business BootCamps in Colorado (pandemic permitting). Learn more about him at, about his class at, and his newest course, The Destination Creation Course at
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