Jon’s business strategies provide training for retailers, franchises, restaurants, and other entrepreneurial business owners around the world. Below are client and audience members’ comments about Jon’s business advice that has helped them increase business profits, increase customer traffic, increase sales revenue, and helped them better operate their businesses.

“Our city manager and economic development director both commented that this was one of the best uses of economic development funds in a long time. Thank you for taking a group of people who have been beaten down by the economy and giving them back the belief that it is possible to be prosperous again by empowering them to take charge of their own business in ways they never thought of before.”
Barbara Frederick, Executive Director, Port Angeles Downtown Assn, Port Angeles, WA

“I’ve been in retailing for over 50 years and attended many seminars.  This was probably the best presented one I’ve seen with the most practical information, very useful content”.
Steve Sayers, Owner, Sayers Ace Hardware, Inc., Independence, KS

“We know, without any doubt that we would be nowhere near where we are today had we not had the opportunity to implement your plan for success. We feel guilty because it works so well… Thank you sincerely for all you have done for us.”
Sue & Dan Horwath, Owners, Up The Creek Antiques, Centralia, WA

“Jon helped us bring 30,000 people to our town of 1,300 in one weekend!”
– Gena McPherson, Executive Director, Ravenna Area Chamber of Commerce, Ravenna, NE

“We were quite skeptical when we enrolled in the BootCamp. We are delighted we did: In 9 months we attained a 64% increase in sales. Jon presented literally hundreds of thought-provoking idea-generating concepts. We started putting them into action the very day we returned from the BootCamp. Contact me personally if you have any doubts about this class at www.adamscountywinery.com.”
John Kramb, Owner, Adams County Winery, Orrtanna, PA

“Thank You to you all for our AWESOME Destination Business seminar. I wasn’t sure there’d be anything else for me to learn, but I DID!!! I did, I did, I did!! This was SUCH a fantastically positive experience that gave all of us a new kick in the pants to be motivated to be a Destination Business.”
Stacey Blacker, Owner, Red, White & Brew, Mount Holly, NJ

“As an organization that supports small business, we looked for someone who would truly impact area businesses by sharing information that owners could implement immediately. Jon gave us exactly that…Many of the attendees have already asked to have Jon come back—with a promise that they will bring more business owners with them. If that isn’t a testimony to the effectiveness of Jon’s workshop, I can’t imagine what would be!”
Janet Fye, Regional Director, Northern Indiana Small Business, North Central Small Business Development Center

“Schallert delivered his three-hour talk with a speed and enthusiasm that belied the fact that it was 7:30 in the morning and that he gives similar talks once or twice a week… At one point…he climbed atop a chair and shouted, ‘Let’s go! For goodness sake, it’s your business at stake.’”
Michael Driscoll, reporting on Jon’s “Destination Business” seminar, Martinsburg Journal Staff Writer

“Initially my attendance at Jon Schallert’s seminar was to show support as a Boonton Main Street Trustee. Within one hour of the presentation I called our office and told our project manager Sarah that she needs to come over ASAP and listen to this presentation. The information gained from this particular seminar is invaluable! Our next stop will be the BootCamp in Colorado!”
Marta Pascarella, Nicholas Pascarella & Co., Denville, NJ

“Most entertaining – Great speaker – fast moving and FUN. Probably the best speaker ever at the National School Supply and Equipment Association.”
Jean Knoepfle, President, The School Box, Pt. Charlotte, FL

“Exciting, educational, and pure motivational fun. An experience to learn from, no matter what business you are in!”
BJ Korros, Buyer, Resort to Retail

“My husband and I own two restaurants in West Lafayette, Indiana. Since attending the BootCamp, we have been in the newspaper 10 times. What you taught us gave us the tools to get on The Food Network! I know business owners think they can’t afford to be away from their business, but you can’t afford to miss the Destination BootCamp experience.”
Carrie Ehresman, Owner, Diner 66 & Triple XXX Family Restaurant

“What a rush to sit in your seminar!…I raced home, scheduled a staff meeting, and we are already implementing your good ideas!”
Linda Rolczynski, Owner, Lindon Bookstore, Enumclaw, WA

“You gotta see this guy – looks like a lawyer – talks like Leno. He was great!! Exciting and knowledgeable.”
Shelley Dragoo, General Manager, Four Aces Casino, Hampton Inn, Deadwood, SD

“Jon is an innovative thinker who is helping build communities around the globe by empowering business owners with new tools to highlight the uniqueness of their brand. How refreshing!”
Melissa Meyer, Social Media Coordinator, Torre di Pietra

“The Destination Development Conference is a MUST ATTEND workshop! So many great ideas to learn and take back into your community. Great session!!!”
Phil Boggan, State Coordinator, Louisiana Main Street

“The BootCamp brings a lot of things into focus. It gives a path to success and shortens the journey. Jon showed me that I am doing many things right, many things wrong, and there are just a bunch of things that I never thought of.”
Elizabeth Voyles, Owner, Firefly, Melbourne, FL

“Jon’s speaking style will awaken your childhood spirit. His teachings will have your business working for you, rather than you working for your business.”
LJ Mismas, President, Incredible Kid, LLC

“You came very highly recommended, and then exceeded all the expectations. You created a ‘buzz’ that lasted all week and beyond!”
Greg Howard, CEO, Carecraft, San Juan Capistrano, CA

“WOW! What a great presenter! What a great message! Love the animation – everyone can learn from your info. Your message applies to all business and industries.”
Lana Robinson, Manager, Physician Services, Singing River Hospital System, Gautier, MS

“You were the ‘star’ of the 2-day event! Comments about you included: ‘Wonderfully gifted speaker…with down to earth business advice’, ‘Awesome’, ‘Exceeded all expectations!’”
John Lamm of Jackson, Inc., Jackson, WI

“Time stood still. The first time in many years a speaker has peaked and maintained my interest.”
Robert Cagle, Director of Marketing & HR, Mobile, AL

“You can’t afford to miss this guy!! Best of all the speakers I’ve heard in 30 years of business.”
Donald Knoepfle, Vice President, The School Box of Florida, Pt. Charlotte, FL

“All the ideas and ambitions I had for the store were suddenly put into perspective. Instead of stumbling through the how’s and when’s to implement my ideas, I now have a plan and a clear vision.”
Mariss Howell, Owner, AfterWords Bookstore, Browns Town, Jamaica

“Jon’s workshop was very informative and enthusiastic. Not one time did I attempt to nod, and I have sleep apnea! Jon presented what people with small businesses needed to know in order for their businesses to grow.”
Alice Bradley, Owner, Artistic Affairs, Moss Point, MS

“Many thanks again for your superb presentation…The State of Wyoming series created a positive energy force in this little town, but your workshop did more than the others combined to motivate folks to roll up their sleeves and work! Thanks again!”
June Bonasera, Executive Director, Dubois Main Street Program, Dubois WY

“Jon stimulates your mind and provides constructive info that enables you to understand that you can achieve growth and development of implementing concise strategies step-by-step. Jon is easy to understand. Everything makes sense, great delivery of info. Made me look at my business and community real hard and immediately identify areas of concern and understand how to potentially fix them.”
Bev Monte Calvo, Owner, Frankie’s Clothing, Langley, WA

“Jon has this finger on the pulse of business in America.”
Mary Ellen Lowe, Owner, Fine Things, Rochester, IN

“If you think your sales are as high as they could be or if you are unsure how you could expand your sales without expanding your space, Jon will show you how, by expanding your mind.”
Cameron Stolz, Owner, Great White Toys Comics & Games

“Starting a new business, it is so important to get this info from the start; from store set-up to marketing successfully. Thank you, Jon for the great information you’ve provided. You’ve given me the courage to start my lifelong dream.”
Carolyn Giessinger, Owner, The Feel Good Shoppe

“Outstanding Presentation. The Downtown Seattle Association is proud to bring Jon to Seattle and to work with the local neighborhood community associations and neighborhood businesses.”
David Dillman, V.P. Operations, Downtown Seattle Association, Seattle, WA

“Jon breeds excitement. He is a combination of marketing guru and Energizer Bunny. Do it! The BootCamp is one of the most valuable events of its type I’ve ever attended.”
Diana Polsgrove, Owner, Eventualities, Inc., Louisville, KY

“If you are an owner thinking about attending, Do it! Just have them call me!! If you are struggling with your marketing strategies, Jon definitely will help you focus on the most important items to do first – and the steps to get them done. There are so many that I can apply to my business.”
Shawn Holtel, Owner, Heirlooms of Oldenburg, Oldenburg, IN

“A MUST-ATTEND! Blows away your expectations. Screw the time limit; keep talking!”
Rachel Wallace, Owner, Your Creative Classroom, Folsom, CA

“By the way, one of our retailers who attended your workshop just put up a nice website. Another retailer came to me at the Small Business Development Center asking for guidance in getting more out of his websites. And the group of twelve business owners who came in the bus from Milton Freewater, Oregon haven’t stopped talking about the ideas they’re working into their businesses. Another one of the business owners has started purchasing product for her retail store from another one of the businesses in attendance! If this is typical of what happens after your workshops, you’re a one-man economic stimulus package. Thanks for what you do.”
Art Hill, Director, Blue Mountain Community College, Pendleton, OR

“My biggest goal was to reach 1 million in sales, remodel on our ten year anniversary, and change our restaurant’s image. I am happy to report with everything I learned from you, I accomplished all three of my goals. Now, my husband and I are getting ready to sell our restaurant to a group of private investors. Thanks, Jon!”
Owner name withheld by their request June 25, 2010

“Jon’s seminar was not only enlightening, it was also entertaining and invigorating. I can’t wait to see my business boom from his tips and training!”
Sherra Ogden, Lighting Manager, Aggieland Lighting & Design Center

“You will learn more that will improve your business in one hour than in a semester of business school. You’ll want to rush home and get to work… Jon makes you believe you can make changes that will make a difference to your business.”
Mary Frye, Director, Home Furnishings International Assoc., Dallas, TX

“Incredibly motivating. Jon’s session has a very easy going yet informative feel. It’s 180 degrees from the typical boring and stuffy business forum. He left me feeling like I too can undertake a major branding campaign – despite my limited budget and the demands on my time.”
Tim Leary, Owner, First Descent LLC, Seattle, WA

“Jon’s fantastic! Very informative. I made changes he suggested several years ago, and it worked! He’s fun and entertaining, but mostly right on target to get information to you in a memorable way.”
Lecia Duke, President & Founder, Quintessential Chocolates

“Jon’s session is very informative. It makes you think ‘outside the box’, create the right hook to get your business not only noticed but raised to celebrity status.”
Julie Gustafson, Tourism Development, Ocean Springs, MS

“My lightbulb was definitely turned on – even my husband’s was, and he’s normally doodling during workshops!”
Chenedra Richardson, Owner, Ordained 2 Teach, Sugarland, TX

“Inspirational, mind boggling, where do I start first? Real stories, humor, most motivational, can-do energy that is contagious. I want more, more, more!”
Nancy Geddes, President, Zatz a Better Bagel, Seattle, WA

“Jon Schallert gave me access to a complete, up-to-date marketing system more compelling and relevant than anything which could be found in a marketing textbook.”
Greg Johnson, Owner, Benjamin Brown Books & Billiards

“Jon’s suggestions are easily transferable to any business.  As a gym owner I wasn’t sure how much would apply to me.  After attending his workshop I am full of ideas to take back to my business!”
Lindsay Boynton, Owner, Backyard Arrow Cross Fit

Jon provided strategies and tools that I can implement immediately to grow my business! Can’t wait to get started!”
Kari Haile, Owner, Cattilac Style

“Bottom line – this BootCamp can save you two of the most important things a small business owner can never have enough of: TIME & MONEY. You will run a much more effective business with these principles.”
Lucy Dattilo, Owner, Something Simple, Madison, IN

“I’ve learned more in an hour and a half than I have in ten prior retail seminars.”
Jim Roark, President, Elk River Coffee Company

“Best presentation I’ve heard in my 30 years in business! (Where have you been all my life?)”
Steve Grabowski, President, Optical Fashions, Laramie, WY

“During your presentation at the Summer NAMM Show…you delivered practical takeaways that our independent retailers could easily and readily implement, and your content was timely and critical. We heard only positive comments, including a renewed sense of enthusiasm and motivation to rethink and grow their businesses.”
Donna Olaguer, Business Manager, NAMM, the International Music Products Association

“This workshop is everything you never knew you always wanted to know about how to become more successful in your business!”
Tom Amyx, Owner, Tom’s New York Deli

“Jon Schallert imparted a lifetime of retail experience in 3 1/2 hours. I have been involved in downtown revitalization for more than seven years and found myself with five pages of ‘ah -ha moment’ notes from his talk.”
J.L. Schmidt, Director, Nebraska Lied Main Street

“Needless to say, after 14 years on retail, I surely thought I was “doing it all”. That is until I attended your workshop! Thank you for the wealth of real life do-able strategies for building a Destination Business! If you’re a business owner wondering if you should attend a Jon Schallert workshop…all I can say is… Do your part, buy a ticket!”
Rosa Silveira Mann, Owner, The Ivy Trellis, Farmville, VA

“Fantastic Workshop! Many thanks for the invaluable information we received… The Managers indicated that this was the best training session we have ever had!”
Bob Wilson, Assistant Director, Mississippi Main Street, Jackson, MS

“Great Job! Your seminar was the best 1-1/2 hours I have spent in years, except for my honeymoon!”
Gregg Curtis, Owner, The Good Earth Garden Center, Little Rock, AR

“As a retailer this was actually life changing. I am so excited to go back to my store and start doing things! I wish he’d talked longer, I want more!”
Pamela Wilkins, Owner, In Bloom, Seattle, WA

“Your program provided real world advice and strategies to effectively compete in today’s retail environment. But more importantly, for our downtown, these six merchants and their newfound energy have been a catalyst for local revitalization efforts.”
Dennis Carson, Executive Director, Lafayette Urban Enterprise Association, IN

“Dynamic! Great Speaker! Loved his stories. Lots of information. Can’t wait to incorporate it into my business.”
Gayle Edwards, Director, Healing Arts Clinic by the River, Maple Valley, WA

“Jon’s session was very experiential, creative energy producing, so many good ideas but very structured and practical. Really doable.”
Teresa Lord Hugel, Executive Director, Greater University Chamber of Commerce, Seattle

“I have attended many sales and marketing seminars and Jon’s is in a stand-alone category. The four hours flew by; I was amazed. It was awesome! Jon related his presentation to stories…stories you can remember and apply to your own business.”
Paula Wroe, Sales Consultant, Elmar Window Fashions

“You exceeded our expectations as our keynote speaker. It was truly a pleasure and an honor to work with you and your team!”
Tracy Taylor-Sea, Marketing Director, Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce, Longmont, CO

“I go to seminars all the time. This is the best I’ve been to in years!”
Jimmy D. Dugger, Senior Marketing Consultant, Crye-Leike Realtors, Columbia, TN

“Jon’s enthusiastic and high personality makes everyone feel they can become the Superman of Retail in your area.”
Karie Holmes, Owner, Accents, Signal Mountain, TN

“I wish all my tenants attended this very worthwhile seminar.”
Anne Neely, Commercial Property Manager, Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA

“I can sincerely say that my Destination Bootcamp experience counts as a major milestone in my life, not just as a business person, but as a human being. You are the first consultant to care about what can make each of the attendees a success. You speak to the uniqueness that each of us holds in our business and you give us the tools to effectively share our visions in concrete ways. As someone who considers themselves a seeker in life, I found that the information you share in the BootCamp encompasses the best of the most effective, innovative tools out there.”
Jennifer Valente, Owner, The Zen Merchant, San Diego, CA

“You owe it to yourself to attend one of his sessions. Jon should be a must for city leaders.”
Tom Bezdichek, Deputy Mayor, Brookings City Council

“Forget all other business strategy courses and conferences. The one and only to maximize results and money is Jon Schallert’s course. A must.”
Wayne Whitney, Owner, Re/Max Avalon Stone Harbor

“You will be one tough act to follow! The bar has been raised for our next round of keynote speakers. The feedback has been tremendous and the entire organization is still buzzing from your session. We look forward to another successful conference with you in Lake Tahoe.”
Marie Sasso, Director Corporate Communications and Training, True Value Hardware University

“Thank you Jon! You are inspiring a community to reinvent themselves. Our businesses are on fire with new ideas!”
Sue Lesch, Mayor, City of Norwalk, Norwalk, OH

“I came up with so many new tangible services for my members as a result of your insight, and tangible benefits are so difficult to come by for Chambers of Commerce. Jon’s workshop is a must. This workshop will help me help our members.”
Dave Warkentin, Executive Director, Walla Walla Valley Chamber of Commerce, WA

“Wish you could have been here for our merchant meeting this morning. We spent the first part of our meeting going around the room and discussing everyone’s Aha! Moment from your workshop. It was awesome to watch and listen to everyone talk about focusing on how their business is unique … The mayor and the director of the Chamber were there and were just as enthusiastic as all of the merchants. It was really cool. Thanks for an awesome workshop.”
John Shoemaker, Owner, Old Magnolia Trading Co., Wake Forest, NC

“I attended your seminar in Gettysburg, PA this spring…You’re the best motivator I’ve ever seen or heard. Your ideas GET RESULTS! Thanks for your great advice!”
Ruth Sullivan, Writer, Columnist, New Oxford, PA

“I went to a workshop of Jon’s thinking I would get a refreshing drink on marketing our business. Wow, it’s like a drink from a fire hose! Jon is a wealth of valuable information!”
Ted Young, Co-Owner, Got Ya Covered Cleaning, Norwalk, OH

“We have received nothing but rave reviews from your appearance here…We have reaped not only the benefit of educating our business owners, but we have also received an enormous amount of goodwill from bringing you and your knowledge to our business community.”
Henry Florsheim, Vice President, Lafayette Econ Dev Authority, Lafayette, Louisiana

“Jon Schallert challenged, educated and motivated our conference attendees. His insightful and creative ideas on how to make your business more visible and successful were the hit of our conference. I would recommend Jon to any group wanting to assist their members in improving their business.”
Bill Wade, Independent Insurance Agents of Texas, Austin, TX

“He speaks – you WANT to listen!”
Donna Brown, Business Owner & Hotel General Manager, Gulf Hills Hotel & Conf. Center, Ocean Springs, MS

“Your two sessions were definitely popular. The comments we heard were: ‘Best by far! Great speaker, best of show! 10-Star! High quality material. We need 3 hours with Jon!’ The comments say it all! We look forward to working with you in the future.”
Stephanie Fisher, Director of Education, Photo Marketing Association International

“Go with your eyes and ears open. Be ready to hear things that you don’t want to – but need to. If a business went through this BootCamp and followed your steps – it can’t fail. Wow, Wow, Wow.”
Vickie Lebo, Owner, Interior Designs By Vickie, Logansport, IN

“Come with an open mind and be prepared to have your mind swirling with ideas by the end of the first day! The BootCamp gives you an opportunity to look at your business, review and get information on your business you never take the time to attend to on a day to day basis at work.”
Charlotte Smith, Owner, Two Sisters Custom Designs, Panama City, FL

“Jon’s Destination Business BootCamp is an information packed, powerful seminar that guarantees to improve your business. We have the ability to ‘out do’ our competitors in customer service and now, we have the tools.”
Karen Grice, Customer Service Specialist, Pee Dee Federal Savings Bank, Marion, SC

“Jon, I was supposed to leave by 3:00 to another event, but I decided your presentation had more potential value to me than the other event. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience with us!”
Marilyn Kleinberg, Executive Director, eWomen Network

“Jon blew me away! I did not want to be here today because I was too busy. This made me slow down and look at the possibilities of my business.”
Jack Riley, Owner, Riley & Riley Photography, Ocean Springs, MS

“Awesome, inspirational. Can’t wait to get back to the store and start implementing ideas. After 20 years in business, I feel that there are many new ideas that I can branch into over the next 20 years!”
Donna Klacza, Owner, Fun To Grow On, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

“If you want to get a whack on the side of the head and kick your business into a higher gear, this is the session to attend.”
Theresa Ortega, Owner, Kamikaze Karate, Terre Haute, IN

“Jon’s energy and knowledge filled that seminar with such a contagious breeze of fresh air that many of us went directly back to our businesses and put his suggestions immediately to work.”
Denise Simpson, Owner, Main Street Boutique, Brattleboro, VT

“If you are interested in your business, long term, it’s indispensable. Material is presented at a pace that makes time fly. You will be able to clearly set yourself apart and develop yourself into a entity with real value.”
Dan Horwath, Owner, Up The Creek Antiques, Centralia, WA

“Jon’s BootCamp is not one of those “fluff” seminars we’ve all fallen prey to. This is usable stuff you can’t miss! Be prepared to be overwhelmed by information, ideas and resources. They flow like water. “
Emi Havas, President, Paperfolio, Summit, NJ

“Jon is the Wild Man of Marketing!”
Ron Franz, Owner, The Grainery Company, Decatur, IN

“WOW! Did we walk away from your seminar charged and ready to get to work on applying your methods to our businesses… I will recommend 100 times over for businesses and communities to have you grace any audience with your expertise.”
Tammy Borstnar, Executive Director, Capitol Market, Charleston, WV

“Jon opened our eyes to several potentially deadly mistakes we were making. With Jon’s help, we have been able to refocus our energy and resources much more productively. I would recommend Jon to any retailer interested in becoming a true retail destination.”
Nichol Nealeigh, Manager, The KitchenAid Experience, Greenville, OH

“Don’t miss it! Your seminar’s the best! You help me be better at what I think I do well!!”
Sue Merritt, Owner, 223 Group, Cumberland, MD

“Jon’s breadth of understanding of all businesses, not just retail makes him the perfect presenter to any group of small business owners.”
Helen Hermus, Director , Silver City Main Street, Milwaukee, WI

“Jon helped me take a new look at my business as the customer would. His seminar was so good, and Jon did not lead anyone astray. He was not overblown or out of sight, and all his comments, suggestions, and topics are from the real world of business.”
Carol Roth, Owner, Mead Environmental Associates, Cape Girardeau, MO

“Jon merged every marketing technique I have ever learned into one easy-to-understand, contemporary method and plan; a road map if you will.”
Marin Feidler, Production Supervisor, Just Right TV Productions, LLC

“There is no school or class you can go to when you open a retail store. This is a great place to learn.”
Rick Sudul, Konica, Corona, CA

“If you are currently in business OR are thinking about going into business, this is a must-attend seminar. You will learn a wealth of information that will benefit your business immediately! Great Presentation! Hands down, the best seminar I’ve attended. You can apply what you’ve learned the minute you leave this seminar.”
Doug Bessler, Owner, Bessler’s Trackside Auto Depot, Batesville, IN

“I have heard nothing but praise from the seventy-five audience members who spent all day with you. I believe every retailer in the country should be lucky enough to attend your seminar.”
Catherine Matthias, Executive Director, Joseph Economic Improvement District, Joseph, OR

“Jon is a well-informed, excellent presenter, and he does not use canned ‘consultant’ humor. He is in the top 1% of all consultants I’ve heard, and I’ve been listening to presentations for over 50 years.”
Ellis F. Dunn, Former President, Clark College, Vancouver, WA

“Jon, thank you for your training and assistance… Our retailers are reporting the best falls sales season in years…Those merchants that participated and acted on your program are the ones reporting those record sales.”
Michael Elias, Economic Development Director, Mexico, Missouri

“Thank you for your ‘missionary’ work here in Ohio! The communities you visited have been bitten by the Schallert bug and are making great strides in transforming their businesses.”
Christina Tizzard, Assistant Director, Downtown Ohio, Inc., Columbus, OH

“I want to express my sincere thanks for the wonderful seminar you gave to our retailers. People are still talking about it two weeks later – the feedback is great. You have the special gift of being able to relate to people of diverse backgrounds and interests and zero in on what’s important to them. The seminar was engaging and motivating, and the walk-throughs were inspiring.”
Mari Mullen, Executive Director, Port Townsend Main Street, Port Townsend, WA

“The Destination Development Conference was a wonderful session that is very much hands on and focuses on the realities of commercial revitalization and district management.”
Caitlin Cane, Economic Dev. Program Coordinator, New Orleans Regional Planning Commission, LA

“Jon is such a resource. He walked into our businesses and gave useful information within minutes of observation… He offers economical, common-sense marketing techniques based upon a hierarchy of business-building steps, and much more. I would recommend Jon to any business or business association.”
Randy Bombardier, Executive Director, Historic Downtown Twin Falls, Twin Falls, ID

“Our retailers reaped the benefits of your experience. They learned useful tips for survival in the future from your extensive knowledge of retailing. Your perspective was extremely enlightening and your message is something that all retailers should have the benefit of hearing.”
Kevin Samara, President – Dallas, TX, National Association of Limited Edition Dealers