Jon consults with clients ranging from independent business owners to Fortune 100 companies. His Destination Business principles help any consumer-oriented company refocus and improve their marketing strategies to capture and keep more customers while pulling them from a greater distance. When Jon’s Destination strategy is applied to entire consumer marketplaces like cities, towns, downtowns, shopping centers, and even franchise networks, rapid sales improvement can result.

There are multiple ways you or your company can consult with Jon Schallert.


For those who want to achieve a higher level of sales, profits, and customer traffic in the shortest amount of time, Jon consults one-on-one with clients at their location or at ours in Longmont, Colorado, just north of Denver. This is for larger projects where the Client would spend a full day or longer over a period of time to achieve growth goals.  Jon personally consults with each client and analyses the business situation, provides an evaluation and plans the strategy and tactics for improving operations.

If you’d like more information about consulting one-on-one with Jon for your business, organization, or network, click here.

For Current Clients OR Graduates of Jon Schallert’s Destination Business BootCamp

Scheduling time for a phone consultation with Jon Schallert is currently only available to those who have attended his 2-1/2 Day Destination Business BootCamp, or are currently a client of Jon’s.  This consulting option is for those who want to receive ongoing consulting/coaching as needed or on a monthly basis. Time can be scheduled on Jon’s calendar so he can work with you on your business concerns and goals while giving guidance and suggestions on how to achieve them.

If you would like to schedule time to consult with Jon over the phone, please click on the link below to access Jon’s calendar and set-up a time to consult.  You will be able to sign-up for:

  • 1/2-hour time slots
  • 1-hour time slots
  • Pre-pay for a bundle of time and receive a discount on the 1/2 and/or hourly rate.

Click here to access Jon’s calendar and set-up a time to consult with Jon.


The Schallert Group, Inc. has been conducting the 2½ day Destination Business BootCamp since 2002.  Business owners and community leaders travel to Longmont, Colorado to receive over 20 hours of in-depth instruction and 1-on-1 assistance with Jon. The Destination BootCamp is the most affordable way to learn the Jon’s entire 14-step Destination Business strategy.

As part of the Destination BootCamp, we offer the Community Reinvention Program where communities can bring a group of business owners from the same marketplace to Longmont, Colorado where they learn this strategy collectively. This program is called the Community Reinvention Program. Along with receiving instruction while at the Destination BootCamp, owners also receive a monthly curriculum to help owners implement the steps in their businesses to become Destinations, and subsequently, change their retail marketplaces.

If you’d like to learn more about the Destination Business BootCamp, click here.
If you’d like to learn more about the Community Reinvention Program, click here.