Destination BootCamp®

Our first 2 Destination Online BootCamp dates for 2022 announced!

February 22-24
May 10-12

This is Jon Schallert and I’m happy to update you on our 2022 Destination BootCamps. This will be my 21st year teaching the Destination BootCamp class.  Because of the ongoing pandemic and the importance of the safety to myself, our staff, and the participants of the In-Person Destination BootCamp class, we will continue to conduct our online BootCamps.  At this time no in-person BootCamps are being planned.

We have scheduled two (2) Destination Online BootCamps scheduled for the first half of 2022.

First, the Destination BootCamp has been entirely rewritten to teach owners how to run a Destination Business incorporating the major lessons businesses used to thrive during the pandemic.  The Destination BootCamp manual has been totally rewritten, restructured, and reshaped to include critical information on how to grow your business revenue, your walk-in customer traffic, and your online customer traffic, regardless of what the Covid-19 pandemic does or doesn’t throw at you from here moving forward.

We have learned that some owners prefer to attend the BootCamp in person, while others have found the online BootCamps to be the way they like to attend the class.

The Online BootCamp means you don’t have to travel to Colorado and incur the cost of hotel, meal, or travel costs.  You won’t be away from your business for 4 days and you will enjoy the same great content in a small class setting.  The class is structured with plenty of breaks, interactive events, and other ways for you to learn that won’t have you pulling your hair out (like you do with most Zoom trainings).  All sessions will be recorded and made available to every attendee who attends the class.  Attendees love that they could access the content later at their convenience.  See below for more details about our 2021 online Destination BootCamp.

Your Cost to Attend:

Our In-Person BootCamp cost is $1,395.00 per person.  You will be charged a $500 deposit when you register.  The balance of $895 will be charged to your credit card 30-days before the BootCamp begins.


  1. Our Online Destination BootCamp class has a unique schedule. Learn about it by clicking this link: Click here to access a typical class schedule
  2. We have shorter learning segments with ample breaks between sessions to get up, move around, and deal with your business issues.
  3. Since each session of the BootCamp is recorded and shared with you, this allows you to leave the class if an interruption occurs, and you’ll easily be able to listen to the section you missed later.
  4. Your start and end times will vary depending on the Time Zone you are located in.  Each day will consist of 5-1/2 hours of online training, with 30-minute breaks between sessions, and a 1-hour lunch break.
  5. For the Online BootCamps, we will mail you a BootCamp workbook and other materials needed for the BootCamp.
  6. Click here to read from the testimonials of our Destination BootCamp Graduates on what they learned, and then, imagine learning this material without having to travel out-of-state to receive it.

Please call me if you have any questions at 303-774-6522 or email me directly at [email protected]

Jon Schallert 

APPLICATION REVIEW PROCESS:  The Destination Business BootCamp® is designed to instruct individual business owners.  Every application is reviewed on an individual basis prior to being admitted into the class.  The Schallert Group, Inc. has the right to accept or deny any registration of any potential attendee. During this pandemic, all attendees of the In-Person Destination BootCamp class must have a Covid-19 vaccination and must provide proof of that vaccination to our company, so as to insure the safety of our staff and all participants. Any person failing to provide proof of vaccination to our company will be denied registration into the In-Person BootCamp class.

LICENSING FOR ORGANIZATIONS: We are often asked permission by consultants, trainers, ad agencies, national for-profit franchises, buying groups, national corporations, and associations to have their marketing and training personnel attend a Destination BootCamp, so that Jon Schallert’s Destination Business strategies can be utilized by their collective networks and multiple store locations.  Any of these groups who wish to utilize Jon’s Destination Business strategies must enter into a License Agreement with The Schallert Group, Inc. prior to being accepted for attendance to the Destination Business BootCamp®.  Please contact The Schallert Group, Inc. for pricing and licensing terms.