Destination BootCamp®


This is Jon Schallert and I’m excited to announce that our registration is now open for our in-person
2½ day Destination Business BootCamp® which will be held in Golden, Colorado on April 25-27, 2023.

This is my 21st year of teaching my Destination BootCamp and so much has changed since we first conducted the first BootCamp back in Orlando in September, 2002. Peg and I remember promoting the first BootCamp back then and wondering if anyone was going to sign up for it.

They did and since that time, over 1,800 independent business owners have gone through the class, and over 110 communities across the country have stepped up and paid the tuition for their local business owners to attend the class.

I don’t think any other independent business program in the country can brag about that.

Over the 21 years I’ve been teaching the Destination BootCamp class, I’ve updated the course every year to ensure that the business owners who attend are getting the most updated information that can help their businesses grow and prosper.

But with all the changes in technology, consumer behavior, and online shopping, the one aspect of the class that remains the same is that the Destination BootCamp class is always taught by me, over the course of 2½ days, and it’s the only way to learn my entire 14-step strategy to turn your new or existing business into a Consumer Destination.

As I’ve told business owners before: The Destination BootCamp will help you improve how you market your business to the world, and help you attract more of your very best paying customers from both your local and out-of-town markets. Business owners who apply the lessons of the class also tell me that they can run their businesses more profitably and their businesses generate more media attention and gain more free publicity.

And though this might not interest you as a business owner right now, many owners tell me that the improvements and changes they made to their businesses after attending the BootCamp helped them sell their businesses more easily. (One owner called me to let me know he’d sold his business and he shared with me that the purchaser of his business had asked him: “How did you learn all this stuff?”)

If you haven’t heard me speak in-person, here’s another way to think of what you’ll learn in my class: The Destination BootCamp gives you a blueprint to create the most successful business possible because I learned these techniques from interviewing and listening to the wisdom of over 10,000 independent business owners in over 600 cities, towns, and downtowns.

These owners willingly told me what made them enormously successful. I’m now telling it to you in a condensed, easy-to-understand and implementable structure.

LOCATION:  We are excited to announce that this year’s 2023 BootCamp class will be in a new location, The Golden Hotel in beautiful historic, downtown Golden, Colorado. You’re going to love our new classroom overlooking the Clear Creek trail with its miles of walking paths and the downtown businesses and restaurants that are right out the front door of this amazing downtown boutique hotel.  And parking is FREE.  Check out the hotel at

We have a group room rate at The Golden Hotel of $189 + taxes. If you call to make reservations, please tell them you are with The Schallert Group to receive that discounted room rate. PLEASE NOTE: This is a small boutique hotel so book your room reservations as soon as you register to ensure a room at this hotel.  We have a group rate of $189.00/night plus taxes.  To make a reservation, please call The Golden Hotel at 303-279-0100 and tell them you are with The Schallert Group to receive our group room rate.  This is a small boutique hotel, so this rate will be available while rooms are available.  Please make your reservations no later than March 24.  After that date, you will have to pay the going rate.  Also, you do NOT have to stay at this hotel if you want to check-out other hotels in the area.

COST TO ATTEND:  The price to attend our Destination Business BootCamp for 2-1/2 days is $1,500.00 per person. This fee includes a full breakfast buffet each morning, lunch on Days 1 and 2, plus all your BootCamp materials (workbook, journal for notes, pen), and drinks and snacks each day. Dinner will be on your own each evening. And parking at the hotel is FREE!

BOOTCAMP SCHEDULE:  Here is the schedule for the BootCamp.

  • Tuesday        8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday  8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday      8:00 AM – 12 Noon

Finally, this is the only in-person Destination BootCamp we currently have on the books for 2023. So don’t delay – click here to reserve your seat.

That’s it. Look over my Destination BootCamp information and remember that if you have any questions, just call our office at (970) 281-2923 and schedule time to talk to me or email [email protected].

Jon Schallert

APPLICATION REVIEW PROCESS:  The Destination Business BootCamp® is designed to instruct individual business owners.  Every application is reviewed on an individual basis prior to being admitted into the class.  The Schallert Group, Inc. has the right to accept or deny any registration of any potential attendee.

LICENSING FOR ORGANIZATIONS: We are often asked permission by consultants, trainers, ad agencies, national for-profit franchises, buying groups, national corporations, and associations to have their marketing and training personnel attend a Destination BootCamp, so that Jon Schallert’s Destination Business strategies can be utilized by their collective networks and multiple store locations.  Any of these groups who wish to utilize Jon’s Destination Business strategies must enter into a License Agreement with The Schallert Group, Inc. prior to being accepted for attendance to the Destination Business BootCamp®.  Please contact The Schallert Group, Inc. for pricing and licensing terms.