New Rules of Business Success Workshop

New for 2023, TWO DAY WORKSHOP
The New Rules of Business Success: Capturing Today’s Consumers as a Destination Business


“The New Rules of Business Success” was created for communities and business organizations that wanted more in-depth content on Jon’s 14-step Destination Business process.

It is the only way to receive 2-days of concurrent training that is packaged into a customized workbook session. 

The “New Rules” workshop takes attendees through the key foundations of Jon’s Destination Business strategy that can turn any business into a consumer magnet, but then focuses on today’s most powerful tools and techniques that every business must start using to create sustainable growth and profits.

Attendees will learn that regardless of their business type (retail, restaurant, service, or professional practice), every business that wants to attract more consumer traffic and sales must start implementing these Destination principles in order to compete with today’s competitors, including online e-commerce companies.  Attendees will benefit from hearing actual examples of successful Destination Businesses that Jon has studied over the last thirty years that are now using these “New Rules” to their advantage.

“The New Rules of Business Success” does NOT replace or replicate Jon’s 2½ day Destination Business BootCamp that is only held in Colorado, but it does provide substantially more specifics and 1-on-1 interaction with Jon than any of his other workshops or conference breakouts.

The in-person, 2-day version of “New Rules” is currently being booked in 2023 and 2024.

Attendees of the “The New Rules of Business Success” will also learn:

  • The five “Marketing Foundations” that today’s consumers find credible and why traditional advertising isn’t on the list.
  • How to immediately convey to your targeted consumer your business differences that no other company can offer them.
  • How to dovetail the very best free and low-cost marketing tools into your existing advertising campaigns
  • How to create free publicity opportunities that gets your business noticed in newspapers, magazines, television, radio and online.
  • How to implement social media tactics that most businesses ignore, but have incredible power to accelerate your business message to a much larger, more profitable audience.
  • How to target and attract the most profitable customers, and literally multiply your top spending prospects
  • How to take the unique qualities of your business and immediately make them obvious to consumers, in your marketing, your business location, and on your website and social media channels

Attendees will leave with a list of immediately implementable suggestions and many will wonder “Why haven’t we been doing this before?”

If you would like to talk to someone about having Jon conduct his “New Rules of Business Success” workshop
for your community or organization, please email [email protected], or call our office at (970) 281-2923.