Meeting Planners and Clients


Below is some information to help prepare for Jon’s visit to make this a successful event.  If you have any questions or need something that isn’t listed here, please call us at (970) 281-2923 and we’ll be glad to help.

  • Photos of Jon







  • A/V Requirements
    • Projection Screen (largest the room can accommodate)
    • Projector
    • Wireless Lavaliere Mic
    • Flip Chart with Markers (For Workshops only. Not needed for Keynote Address.)
    • Jon will bring his own laptop with PowerPoint Presentation on it. Let us know if his presentation should be on a usb drive to be used with Conference Projection System
    • NO Podium will be needed. Jon likes to walk around when he presents to better interact with his audience.
  • Jon’s Introduction: Click here to download
  • Jon’s Bio:  Click here to download
  • Room Set-Up Guidelines:
    • It is preferable to have the room set up Classroom Style with rectangular or round tables and chairs for attendees so they can takes notes during the session in their notebooks or seminar handout notes.
    • If the room is rectangular, please have Jon in the middle of the long side.
    • Place tables and chairs so attendees have a clear visual to Jon and projection screen.
    • Tables should have a 3’-4’ aisle between the rows so Jon can walk throughout the audience comfortably during his session.
    • Have a small table (ideally 30” X 30”) approximately 3-4’ high, for Jon’s laptop computer. Table should be placed about 10’ directly in front of the projection screen. Be sure to have power strip, extension cord, and duct tape on table for Jon’s use in setting up.
    • Place drawing pad on an easel with markers to the side of the projection screen.
    • Room lights should be up all the way. Unscrew bulbs directly over the projection screen so the screen is in the dark.