Community Reinvention Program

The Community Reinvention Program

For over 20 years, Jon Schallert’s Community Reinvention Program has been a powerful tool used by cities, towns, counties, and downtowns to help their independent business owners increase their revenue and profits, grow both their local and out-of-town customer traffic, and create powerful Destination Businesses. 

Here’s how your community can use the Destination principles taught by Jon to create lasting change in your marketplace, while improving the performance and marketing strength of your locally-owned businesses.

Here are the components of the Community Reinvention Program for 2022:

Training Component 1: The Community Reinvention Program begins with your local business owners and a Community Coordinator attending the Destination Business BootCamp®

The Community Reinvention Program starts when your community sponsors a group of business owners from the same marketplace to attend our Destination Business BootCamp®. While in class, owners will receive instruction on how to make their businesses Consumer Destinations, learning Jon’s entire 14-step Destination business process. Your community group must include a designated Community Coordinator who helps organize your group before, during, and after the Program, who also attends the same Destination BootCamp as your owners.

When your business owners complete the Destination BootCamp, they will be excited, motivated, and armed with a new business strategy and specific tools to change their businesses and market them to the world in an entirely new way.

Currently, the 3-day, Destination Business BootCamp® is considering additional dates for 2022. If you have an interest in attending, please let us know at [email protected]. The Destination BootCamp consists of over 16 hours of live, personal instruction, entirely led by Jon.

The Community Reinvention Program also gives your business owners:

  1. The opportunity to learn an entirely new marketing strategy to capture both local and out-of-town consumers, a strategy that is only taught by Jon Schallert in this class.
  2. A much-needed break from “working in their businesses” to “working on their businesses”, while attending a class with like-minded owners from the same marketplace.
  3. Owners receive a recording of the entire 3-day class in video format. This allows owners to watch any part of the class that they might have missed or might want to review after the class. Recordings are available for owners to access for 6-months from the end of class.
  4. Owners get the rare opportunity to focus on their businesses for 3 days with their fellow business neighbors, something that never happens for locally-owned businesses.
  5. Overwhelmingly, community leaders tell us that they see a huge rise in camaraderie and cooperation among the owners themselves after working and learning together in the Community Reinvention Program.

Training Component 2: Business owners in the Community Reinvention Program receive resources and training after they’ve left the Destination BootCamp and returned to their businesses.

Business owners who participate in the Community Reinvention Program are given access to selected Destination University® recordings of business authors and experts that Jon references during the BootCamp class. This additional learning is in the form of webinars and interviews only given to Community Reinvention Program participants.

Owners can listen to and access these recordings for 6 months after the completion of the BootCamp class.

Additionally, every month, Jon picks one selected interview and discusses it during a live online Zoom discussion group. Owners who have participated in the Community Reinvention Program can check Jon’s monthly schedule to see what expert recording he’ll be discussing that month, and they can participate for no cost in these live Zoom calls. During the call, Jon will discuss the most important points of the recording and how the owners can incorporate the advice into their businesses.


Every organization that enrolls its local business owners in the Community Reinvention Program receives the two (2) training components listed above, but the following Optional Training Components allow any size city or town to customize the follow-up training so that it specifically meets the unique challenges and need of its local business owners.

Listed below are three (3) optional training services which organizations can choose.

Optional Training Component #1: Jon presents a customized 3-hour Destination Workshop to your entire community

Organizations can book Jon to conduct a customized in-person or virtual 3-hour Destination Business workshop that brings his Destination process to all of your local businesses. Depending on the number of business owners who were sponsored to attend the Destination BootCamp, communities can receive thousands of dollars of discounts off of Jon’s typical speaking fee.

An organization’s investment to have Jon conduct a 3-hour in-person or virtual workshop is seen in the pricing schedule below, along with the price savings that your organization receives for being part of the Community Reinvention Program:

  • If an organization sends 3-5 business owners to a Destination BootCamp, an in-person workshop in your community is:
    • $6,500 total investment  (Over $2,500 savings with no expenses invoiced to the community)
  • Send 6-8 business owners to a BootCamp, an in-person workshop in your community is:
    • $5,500 total investment (Over $3,500 savings with no expenses invoiced to the community)
  • Send 9 or more business owners to a BootCamp, an in-person workshop in your community is:
    • $4,500 total investment (Over $4,500 savings with no expenses invoiced to the community)
  • A Community can also have Jon present his customized 3-hour workshop virtually via Zoom:
    • $3,500 total investment (includes a link to the recording of the entire online workshop)

Communities have 18-months from the time the Destination BootCamp is completed to reserve a date for an in-person or virtual workshop.


Optional Training Component #2: Jon conducts confidential 1-on-1 business consultations with BootCamp Graduate owners (virtually or in-person)

After business owners have attended the Destination BootCamp, they can benefit greatly from having a 1-on-1 consultation with Jon after the class. Enough time should be given so owners have time to implement the ideas from the BootCamp and then get Jon’s perspective on what other parts of the Destination process they should be implementing.

Optional Training Component #2 is available to a organization if:

  1. Your organization invested in having Jon present an in-person, 3-hour Destination Workshop in your community. Following the workshop while Jon is in your city or town, he will visit and consult 1-on-1 with every business owner who attended the Destination BootCamp in their place of business.
  2. Your organization invested in having Jon present a virtual 3-hour Destination Workshop to your community. In this case, all of Jon’s 1-on-1 consultations will also be scheduled to be conducted over Zoom.
  3. Each 1-on-1 consultation will last 45 minutes and your organization’s investment for each consultation is $500 per business.
  4. If your organization only wants Jon to conduct 1-on-1 consultations and NOT conduct Option #1 Destination Workshop, all consultations would be done virtually via Zoom.

Consultations are only conducted for business owners who attended the Destination BootCamp. No consultations are conducted for businesses that have not attended the Destination BootCamp.

The sponsoring organization will work with The Schallert Group on developing a schedule for the 1-on-1 consultations.


Optional Training Component #3: Community Destination Business Roundtables

After your business owners have attended the Destination BootCamp, many organizations want to create an ongoing training program that will help their local businesses who were not part of the BootCamp attendee group. This is where the community-wide, Destination Business Roundtables are valuable.

Destination Business Roundtables are private, one-hour online video conferences, led by Jon, focusing on bringing the 14-steps of the Destination training to everyone in your community. The organization selects which specific step in the 14-step Destination business process that they’d like Jon to teach and Jon creates a custom presentation for your community. During the Roundtable, owners who have attended the BootCamp get to share their successes and incorporate photos of their changes into Jon’s presentation.

Community Roundtables are also a great way for the local owners who have attended the BootCamp to start becoming mentors to other businesses while helping the businesses who couldn’t attend the Destination BootCamp.

Communities have the option of conducting a single Roundtable event, or scheduling Roundtables twice a year (2-times), quarterly (4-times), or every 2 months (6-times), over a year’s time. Discounts are given as the frequency increases.

For more detailed pricing on these three (3) optional components to the Community Reinvention Program, please call our office at 970-281-2923 or email [email protected].

There’s a reason over 1,700 business owners have gone through the Destination BootCamp and over 60 groups from communities large and small have participated in the Community Reinvention Program.

We hope your community will be the next one.


Jon Schallert