Community Reinvention

New 2021 Community Reinvention Program

We are excited to announce the new details for our 2021 Community Reinvention Program.

What’s Different with the Community Reinvention Program in 2021?
  1. We have made significant changes to the 2021 Community Reinvention Program that are designed to allow any size city, town, county, or downtown to participate in the Program, regardless of the population of the community, the number of businesses located there, or the number of businesses who attend a BootCamp.
  2. Our October 25-27 BootCamp will be an in-person BootCamp held at the historic Hotel Boulderado in Boulder, CO.  The cost to attend the in-person BootCamp is $1,395.00 per person.  The November 2-4 BootCamp will be a virtual BootCamp conducted online using Zoom.  Any participant who attends will pay a registration fee of $995.00. The registration fee is the same for an individual business owner who attends, or if an owner is part of a Community Reinvention Program group. The accompanying Community Coordinator also pays the same registration fee.
Here are the components of the Community Reinvention Program for 2021:

The Community Reinvention Program begins with your local business owners attending the Destination Business BootCamp®

The Community Reinvention Program starts when your community sends a group of business owners from the same marketplace to our Destination Business BootCamp® where they will receive instruction on how to make their businesses Consumer Destinations, capable of pulling customers from outside their local area.  Your community group must also include a designated Community Coordinator who helps organize your group during the entire Program, and who will also attend the Destination BootCamp.

The 3-day, Destination Business BootCamp® class consists of over 16 hours of online group and personal instruction, entirely led by Jon. When your business owners complete the Destination BootCamp, they will be excited, motivated, and armed with the knowledge and tools to change and market their businesses in an entirely new way.

In addition to learning an entirely new strategy to capture both local and out-of-town consumers, you will find that when your group of business owners participate in  the Destination BootCamp together, most see a huge rise in camaraderie and cooperation among the owners themselves. Remember that most owners do not make time to get away from their businesses to “work on” their businesses versus “working in them”, and if they do, they rarely focus on marketing and business strategies with their fellow business neighbors. The Community Reinvention Program allows this to happen.


Once an organization has enrolled in the Community Reinvention Program, there are three (3) additional consultation services that allow a community to customize the training to their most-pressing business issues. These optional services are listed below:

Option #1: Community Destination Business Roundtables

After your business owners have attended the Destination BootCamp, many communities want to help the business owners (who were not part of the BootCamp attendee group), to reach their potential.  This is where community-wide, Destination Business Roundtables are valuable.

This private, one-hour online video conference, led by Jon, focuses on bringing Destination training to everyone in the community. The community’s business owners decide on the topic for the group, and the interaction is overseen by Jon. Owners who have attended the BootCamp get to share their successes and what they’ve learned with their community. Community Roundtables are a great way for the local owners who have attended the BootCamp to start becoming mentors to other businesses, helping elevate other businesses and maximizing cooperation among local businesses, while creating a bigger consumer draw for the entire marketplace.

Communities have the option of making this a single event (1-time), or scheduling Roundtables twice a year (2-times), quarterly (4-times), or every 2 months (6-times), over a year’s time. Discounts are given as the frequency increases and exact pricing on the Roundtables can be downloaded here.

Option #2:  Jon Schallert presents a 3-hour, customized Destination workshop to your entire community

After completing the Community Reinvention Program, an organization can choose to have Jon conduct a 3-hour workshop that teaches the key principles of his Destination process to the entire community.

Communities have 1-year from the time of completing the Community Reinvention Program to reserve a date for the workshop.  This applies to booking an in-person workshop or a virtual workshop.

A Community can book Jon to conduct an in-person 3-hour workshop for a discounted fee (see pricing below).  This discounted fee is for any Community who participates in the Community Reinvention Program with at least three (3) or more business owners sent to the same BootCamp.  A Community can also have Jon present this 3-hour workshop virtually.  The cost for this virtual workshop is discounted to $3,500.00 (normal fee $4,500.00).

The current investment for a community to have Jon present an in-person 3-hour workshop is $8,000 plus expenses.  When your organization participates in the Community Reinvention Program, your group receives a discount on Jon’s speaking fee based on the number of attendees your organization sends.  A community’s investment to reserve a workshop date is seen in the pricing schedule below.

  • Send 3-5 business owners to a BootCamp:
    • $6,500 expenses included  ($1,500 discount)
  • Send 6-9 business owners to a BootCamp:
    • $5,500 expenses included  ($2,500 discount)
  • Send 10+ business owners to a BootCamp:
    • $4,500 expenses included  ($3,500 discount)

Option #3: Jon conducts confidential 1-on-1 business consultations with BootCamp Graduate owners

Business owners who have participated fully in the Community Reinvention Program can request a 1-hour, 1-on-1 consultation with Jon. The cost for this on-site consultation is $500.00 per business.  This consultation time can be done virtually via Zoom videoconferencing or it can be done in person if coordinated with a 3-hour live workshop in a community (see above).

The Schallert Group will schedule the time and date of the consultation directly with the business owner. We recommend that the business owner be responsible for the payment, which is due prior to Jon’s consultation.  Some communities in the past have reimbursed business owners for all or part of the consultation costs, but this is up to the sponsoring community.

For more detailed pricing on these three (3) optional components to the Community Reinvention Program, download the pricing sheet here.

If you would like to participate in our Community Reinvention Program, please email [email protected] to request the Community Reinvention Program Application.

If you have any questions about the 2021 Community Reinvention Program, please email or call us. We believe that this allows more flexibility for communities of all sizes to participate and will help more businesses become successful as a result.

We hope to see your business owners at an upcoming 2021 Destination BootCamp.