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Jon Schallert, a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and the National Speakers Association Colorado-Chapter, conducts inspirational and motivational keynote speeches, and workshops for thousands annually. If you are looking for a speaker who understands marketing and small business success, Jon is the right speaker for your next meeting, annual event, or conference.


Jon Schallert speaks on the following topics. All of Jon’s keynotes and workshops are customized for his audiences, based on feedback he receives from interviewing your members, making no two workshops ever identical! Jon will discuss with you which presentations are better suited for an opening keynote versus a workshop or break-out session.






Mom and Pop on Top: How To Be Small, But Play Large

This session, designed specifically for a keynote speech, takes small business owners through a series of realizations. Jon illustrates how large Fortune 100 companies are now repositioning themselves as small companies in their marketing, and how consumers of today enjoy spending money with independently-owned Mom and Pop businesses. Jon also shows audience members the critical mistakes that most Mom and Pop’s make when trying to project their uniqueness, their customer service differences, and their product advantages in their marketing and advertising. Attendees of this session will come away with a new enthusiasm for being “small” and knowing better how to leverage their independence to influence consumer spending in their favor.


Once Optional, Now Required: The New Rules Of Small Business Success

Running an independent business was never easy, but before the recession, it was decidedly easier. Now, the recession is officially over, but the lingering effects of the downturn in consumer spending are still present in many parts of North America today.

This session is best designed for a 90-minute breakout session or a 3-hour workshop. Attendees of this session will learn from Jon why today’s entrepreneurs must direct their businesses not as owners, but as small business CEO’s. Attendees will also see how many of their own actions, beliefs, and skill-sets must be changed if they want their businesses to remain viable and profitable in the future. One owner called this workshop a “reality check” that provided a list of behaviors that owners much change, if they truly want to achieve business success.


Business Reinvention: The New Normal On Main Street & Every Street

The economic downturn has caused existing businesses to close, and newer businesses to suffer their most dramatic sales plateau ever.  Consumers are spending less, being less impulsive in their purchasing, and most business owners are uncertain what to do next.

In this presentation, Jon has interviewed some of the top owners of Destination Businesses in the country, as they experienced the same decreases in traffic and sales as every company selling to consumers. But these business owners adapted and made major changes to their businesses in order to stay profitable and stay afloat. Groups can have Jon present this as a keynote speech or a workshop, but all attendees will hear inspiring stories of these business owners who had to make major changes to their businesses in this challenging economy, and how their business Reinvention caused them to succeed. Every attendee will leave with a list of strategic and tactical changes they will want to make to their businesses.


Turn Any Business Into a Consumer Destination

This is Jon Schallert’s most requested session, continually changed and updated every year. Jon has presented this session to thousands of entrepreneurs, retailers, restaurant owners, service businesses, professional practices, and independent business owners around the country. Jon draws on his on-site consulting experience with thousands of independent businesses, and shows any business how to use his trademarked 14-point process for reinventing a business into a Consumer Destination. No other marketing speaker, consultant, or small business coach in the world has analyzed the steps Jon illustrates in this business improvement workshop to become a Consumer Destination.

Attendees will leave with a new understanding of Jon’s Destination Business strategies and tactics. Attendees will understand why location, location, location no longer matters for independent business success, and why waiting for “Big Brother” to reinvent a marketplace fails the majority of the time. Following this session, attendees will understand the importance of reinventing their businesses in order to create the most successful consumer-oriented businesses available.


Get Local Customers to Spend Money Locally

Jon Schallert’s “Destination Business” strategies and tactics are often used by downtown development groups, economic development organizations, and communities around the country. These organizations are concerned about retail leakage to other communities, and the sales gap that exists between what is spent locally, and what is spent out-of-town.

Jon’s point-of-view is different from every consultant dealing with these issues, in that Jon’s 14-point process for reinventing a business into a Consumer Destination has led to the reinvention of businesses in communities throughout North America. Consequently, when Jon shows these organizations how to get local consumers to spend money locally, many cities and towns realize that Jon’s proprietary techniques work well for collective retail marketplaces, not just individual businesses.

Jon has presented this session in various locations across the country, receiving high praise for this session from members of the National Main Street Network (a downtown development group associated with the National Trust for Historic Preservation), and the International Downtown Association, IDA. For a full list of client testimonials, click here.

Attendees will leave with a new understanding of how to capture local customers and retain tax dollars locally.


If They Stop Here Once, I’ll Sell Them ‘Year-Round

Many businesses rely on tourist-related traffic. Jon Schallert’s trademarked 14-point process for reinventing a business into a Consumer Destination can be used by any business, destination resort, or tourist attraction to reinvent tourist marketing. Convention and visitor bureaus and tourist related associations find this motivational keynote relates to the operations of all entrepreneurs, retailers, and restaurant owners, who are trying to attract more customers and tourists through their doors.

Attendees will leave with a new understanding of Jon’s Destination Business strategies and tactics, and many of the typical, overused methods tourist-related businesses capitalize on to increase customer traffic. Attendees will understand why waiting for “Big Brother” to create a tourist marketplace is not advantageous to the aggressive entrepreneur, and how all tourists are not created equal. Marketing differentiation will be discussed, showing the pros and cons of multiple marketing tactics.

Capturing Customers When They Enter Your Door: The Critical 7 Seconds

Today’s time-pressured customer enters every business with a mission: get in, find their solution, and get out, ready to tackle the next item on their to-do list. Unfortunately, the visual first impressions that every customer observes when they enter a business often shape their impression of the business negatively for their entire buying trip, impacting the time spent in the business, and the amount they end up spending.

Jon has presented this session for numerous business and trade associations, the U. S. Small Business Development Center, and in conjunction with his other marketing workshops for entrepreneurs.

In this session, Jon Schallert will illustrate how customers entering every store or business form their first impressions in seven (7) seconds, and how customers view six (6) critical areas of a business’s floorspace when entering it. Jon will use actual photos from the thousands of businesses he has consulted with to illustrate these principles. Attendees will leave the session with a better understanding of their own visual consumer weaknesses, and with a desire to improve the visual appearance, and positively impact sales.

Capturing Today’s Over-Marketed Consumers

Entrepreneurs and small business owners appreciate Jon Schallert’s marketing advice in “Capturing Today’s Over-Marketed Consumers. Effective marketing and advertising strategies are necessary to bond today’s consumer to a business. In fact, consumers have become so sophisticated in repelling advertising and marketing today, that the successful business must use new tactics to “sell” a consumer who repeatedly insists on not being “sold”.

Jon has presented this session for numerous business and trade associations, international retail groups, and product manufacturers. This session has been sponsored by Small Business Development Centers across the country, in numerous chambers of commerce, and three times at the National Main Street Center’s National Town Meeting, in conjunction with the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

In this session, Jon Schallert illustrates how customers today repel marketing and advertising advances. Then, Jon shows how most of the advertising and marketing dollars that are spent are wasted, and how to create an immediate sales and customer traffic increase, using marketing that customers willingly believe and accept. Attendees will leave the session with a better understanding of their own marketing strengths and weaknesses, and the ability to change unsuccessful habits upon returning to their businesses.