• "Jon Schallert taught me how to shine! Jon shared tools with us so we can share our story to a much larger audience"

    Vickie Charity, Owner, Vickie's Veggie Table, Saco, ME

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  • “Jon provides the most ‘take-home value’ of any speaker we have
    ever heard in my 40 years of attending the ALA Conference.”

    Barry Minoff, Former Chairman, Kichler Lighting

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  • “I learned more in 2-1/2 days in your Destination BootCamp
    than I learned in an entire week at the Disney Institute.”

    Gene Manweiler, President, Manweiler Chevrolet, Hoisington, Kansas

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Jon Schallert - The Authority on Creating Consumer Destinations

Jon Schallert is the only professional speaker in the world teaching businesses and communities how to turn themselves into Consumer Destinations.

Destination Creation Course®

The Destination Creation Course is a shortened version of Jon’s Destination BootCamp class, lead by a team of certified North American Facilitators. You can enroll in the Destination Creation Course or become one of our Facilitators if you’d like to bring our training to your organization. Click here to learn more about the Destination Creation Course.

Destination Business BootCamp®

The Destination Business BootCamp is Jon’s 3-day, proprietary 14-step process that he’s developed over the course of 25 years.  Thousands of independent business owners have taken the class to learn how to turn their business into a Consumer Destination.

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