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Deadline coming up fast and need to interview an expert in a hurry? Call Destination Business Expert, Jon Schallert. Regardless of his location, Jon will make himself available for your newspaper interview, for your radio talk show, or as a television talk show guest. No business consultant in the country is better attuned to the challenges of independent business owners than Jon, which means an interview with Jon is filled with valuable information for your audience, and relevant to today’s news.

No one understands the challenges of independent entrepreneurs like Jon Schallert. Jon’s experience comes from working with thousands of business owners every year. Jon’s advice is real-world, and not based on theory.

Here are some quotes from journalists who have worked with Jon:

“As a retail reporter in Denver, I rely on sources locally and nationally. Jon always makes himself available, at short notice and when he is traveling. He has provided not only insight on trends and growth estimates for certain companies and retail industry sectors, but usually adds a level of content some analysts do not. Jon shares a lot of opinions about the ‘whys’, the social and demographic factors that are driving certain trends in shopping or growth/shrinkage in certain sectors.”
Kelly Pate, Denver Post Business Reporter

“Jon is a great resource for my retail articles. He is knowledgeable, he has excellent ideas, and he responds very quickly which is vital when I’m trying to meet a deadline. Best of all, with his background in journalism, Jon’s written responses to questions never need to be edited. I’ll definitely be calling him again in the future.”
Jennifer Kruger, Senior Editor, Photo Marketing Magazine