Here are eleven reasons why Jon Schallert is the perfect professional speaker for your organization’s conference:

  1. Jon is the only professional speaker in the world showing businesses and communities how to reinvent themselves into “Consumer Destinations”. A Destination Business is a business so compellingly different that when consumers hear about it, they say: “I have to go to that place!”
  2. Jon’s topics are designed to help the hundreds of thousands of independent businesses: The restaurants, the retail stores, the service businesses, and the professional practices who every day open their doors and fulfill the needs of millions of consumers, both in person and online.
  3. Jon created his proprietary 14-step Destination Business strategy by interviewing over 10,000 business owners in their places of business. Jon’s been perfecting his strategy for nearly 30 years, and no other professional speaker or consultant has that depth of knowledge of independent businesses.
  4. Every presentation that Jon presents is designed to motivate and inspire his audiences while at the same time giving audience members specific methods for owners to grow their customer traffic, revenue, and business profits. When your members leave Jon’s presentation, they will have a host of specific steps to implement in their businesses when they return home.
  5. Jon’s presentations are based on true-life business success stories. Your audience members will hear actual examples of independent business owners who have taken Jon’s methods and turned their small businesses into dominant Destinations, even when those businesses are in poor locations with huge demographic disadvantages.
  6. Downtown organizations were the first groups to embrace Jon’s teachings and consequently, he has spoken and consulted in more downtowns in the United States (over 500) than any other business consultant.
  7. Every one of Jon’s keynote speeches, breakout sessions, and workshops are always unique and customized for that audience. This is because Jon interviews members of your organization prior to his session and then applies your group’s most pressing issues into his Destination Business strategy.
  8. Jon is the only professional speaker and business consultant with his own broadcast studio, computer servers, and an entire online training library, Destination University (DestinationUniversity.com). This means that your organization and its members can tap into a wealth of online trainings both before and after your conference.
  9. Jon Schallert is a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) the premier organization for professional speakers. This means that when Jon speaks to your group, you are getting a speaker who consistently delivers the highest quality presentations.
  10. Jon’s company publishes its own business magazine, Successful Independent Business, which highlights business owners in large cities and small towns applying his Destination principles. If you choose, a free subscription is available for every member of your organization or conference.
  11. Jon never speaks behind a podium, never bores an audience, is funny, inspiring and a great story teller. Plus, he always shows your members an entirely new way to reinvent their businesses that no other business speaker has ever shown them.