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Jennifer Valente, Owner
The Zen Merchant, San Diego, CA
"I can sincerely say that my Destination Bootcamp experience counts as a major milestone in my life, not just as a business person, but as a human being. You are the first consultant to care about what can make each of the attendees a success. You speak to the uniqueness that each of us holds in our business and you give us the tools to effectively share our visions in concrete ways. As someone who considers themselves a seeker in life, I found that the information you share in the BootCamp encompasses the best of the most effective, innovative tools out there."
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Jon Schallert, President
The Schallert Group, Inc.
"If a business only draws consumers from an immediate 5-15 mile radius, it isnít a true Consumer Destination. One of the tell-tale signs of a great Destination is its ability to pull consumers from anywhere it chooses."
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