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Free Webinar: 4th Quarter Marketing Strategies to Implement Now

              • Webinar Presenter:  Jon Schallert, Destination Expert
              • Webinar Length:       28 minutes
              • Hashtag:                     #Grow4thQuarter

Everyone knows that the last 3 months of the year are critical to the profitability of a small business, but the problem is that consumers have become much less willing to make frivolous, impulse purchases on a daily basis.  But all that changes when it comes to special events (like weddings and birthdays), and holidays.  This is where they will open their purses and wallets and run their credit cards up!


It’s become obvious that during the 4th Quarter, consumers have a pent up demand to spend. Consequently, if your business isn’t ready to offer consumers value and market to consumer correctly, you are missing out on huge amounts of revenue for your business!


Take the time to register for the free webinar: “4th Quarter Marketing Strategies to Implement Now”.  In it, you will learn 18 different tools, techniques, and tips that are critical if you want to grow your customer traffic and sales during this time of the year.