1st Friday 2nd Tuesday

First Friday, Second Tuesday 1-Hour Business Networking “Success Group”

For 2021, we have two business owner networking groups that are available for you to participate in. I call these 1-hour groups “Success Groups” because owners come out after 60-minutes with ideas that can grow their businesses. To participate, owners agree to come together for the purpose of learning something new, asking questions, sharing their best practices, and helping each other.

During each Success Group, I will have a set topic that I will be discussing for about 10-15 minutes.  Then I will open it up to questions and discussion for the remainder of the time.

Read the testimonials from those who participated in our February Success Groups at the bottom of this page!

The first date of my monthly Success Group is always the First Friday of the Month.  It will always starts at 12:00 Noon Central Time (1 PM Eastern, 11 AM Mountain, 10 AM Pacific) and will last 1-hour.  

The second date each month is the Second Tuesday of the Month.  It will always starts at 8:00 AM Central Time (9 AM Eastern, 7 AM Mountain, and 6 AM Pacific) and will last 1-hour.

Here are the dates 2021.  Just click on the date to register:

1st Fridays 2nd Tuesdays
Date Topic Date Topic
April 2 Using Product Spotlighting for Media Attention April 13 Using Product Spotlighting for Media Attention
(Repeat – yes, it was that good!)
May 7 Capturing Better Spending Customers May 11 Expanding Your Reach Outside Your Local Area
June 4 Taking Risks & Evaluating Return on Investment June 8 Proactive Adaptability
July 2 Strategic Vision July 13 Leadership Balance
August 6 Unique Positioning August 10 Employee Stakeholders
September 3 Interior/Exterior Image September 14 Product Spotlighting
October 1 Open Discussion October 12 Customer Services
November 5 Integrated Marketing November 9 Proactive Adaptability
December 3 Strategic Vision December 14 Leadership Balance

To participate in a Success Group networking event, you must either be a Destination BootCamp Graduate or you must have completed the Destination Creation Course with one of our trained Facilitators. If you haven’t attended either of these foundational Destination classes, you’ll have to wait until you have taken one of these classes to participate in our Success Groups.

Attendance to participate in a Success Group costs $29.00 and is paid when you make your reservation for the group of your choice.

Here’s what some of our attendees have said about our First Friday, Second Tuesday Success Groups:

First Friday is a great way to connect with the best of the best business owners.
Ideas are flowing, and energy is high on the call where everyone supports each other.
Donna Dow, Denison TX Main Street

Every time I participate in one of Jon’s events I come away with at least one great new idea, and today was no exception.
To hear from other successful business leaders is inspiring!  Thanks, Jon!
Mike Ritter, Grand Elk Golf Club, Granby, CO

A great little “mini bootcamp”!  I jotted down two pages of notes in that short hour!  Thanks for doing this for us Jon! 
Lea Ann Seiler, Hodgeman County Economic Development, KS

The First Friday zoom call was a great way to spend my lunch hour, networking with other small business owners across the country in a moderated format. I left with several new ideas jotted down to discuss with my business partner. Looking forward to the next one! 
Ashley Comeau, Brant’s Market, Plainville, KS

Second Tuesday Calls are a great networking opportunity and a chance to ‘borrow’ ideas from successful small businesses across the country. If you squint your eyes and turn your head, you’re almost back at a coffee shop table with friends. These Second Tuesday meetings provide the banter and support that everyone needs right now.  
Eli Svaty,Seward County Development Corporation, Liberal, KS

Always good to hear from others on what is working for their businesses — from collaboration with other businesses to pivoting to services/strategies that work better.  One of the best comments from today’s session, “We’re changing this out because it wasn’t working for us”, so important to be willing to stop doing something even if you had originally invested time, $, emotions, energy into it if it is no longer working for you. 
Robbie Grady, Grady and Grady, Hooksett, NH

If you’d like to learn more about this or get on our list to be notified first, email [email protected] with the Subject line being: First Friday, Second Tuesday.


Jon Schallert