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Welcome Train-the-Trainer Facilitators!

This webpage is where you will schedule your trainings with us, send in your attendee list, and find all the materials you’ll need to promote, and conduct your trainings.  We welcome your feedback so let us know if there is additional information you’d like to have or if you have any questions about anything.  This page will be continually updated, and we will be making announcements here also.


The course name is:  The Destination Creation Course:  The Foundations of Building a Destination Business

Updated trainings and interviews for Lessons 1-8 are on your bookshelf in Destination University.  You have 1 book on your shelf for each Lesson.  When you open each Lesson, all the trainings and interviews for that Lesson are listed in the Table of Contents.  You just click on what you want to watch and it will take you to a video with a play button.  Just click on the play button and it will begin.

Workbook Changes:  Participant workbooks have been updated.  You will now find the Participant Exercises at the end of the PowerPoint slides, before the Key Takeaways.

Change in how your participants receive their trainings: When you register your participants with us for your class, you will receive a list of “Activation Links” for you to send to each of your attendees.  All they have to do is click on the link and it will take them to a registration page where they will enter their name, email, and create their password.  Their email will be their Username.  As soon as they fill this registration form out, it will take them to their bookshelf that will have all the lessons available.

Please read our Facilitator Guidelines and Policies.

We welcome your feedback and/or suggestions by emailing [email protected]


  • Register with us when you schedule a class:  Please complete our form each time you schedule a training class.  On the form you will provide us with the begin date of your 1st class, and when you will be completing the class.
    Click here to register a class.
  • How to register your class participants Complete this form with your participants’ information.  The information on this form will be what you are charged for.  If you want to add more, just call or email Peg.  We will mail workbooks 1-week prior to your 1st day of class.  If you have any last minute registrations and need more workbooks, postage will be charged.  Otherwise the cost of shipping the workbooks is included in the per person fee you pay.
  • Participant Questionnaire:  This questionnaire will give you information about your participants and their businesses.  Feel free to make any changes to this form that you feel appropriate.  You might consider adding information on when they need to get it to you and where to send it.
    Click here to download the form in Word format
  • Facilitator Guide and Suggested Schedule for Lessons 1-8 Click here to download the updated suggested schedule for Lessons 1-8.  You can replace these with the ones currently in your Facilitator Binder.


Here are some promotional flyers for your use.  There are 4 examples for you to choose from.  There is also a postcard if you would like to print those for a mailing.  All these flyers are in Word format.  The wording in orange is editable so change it with the appropriate information for your class.  If you need any help with any of these, just email me and I’ll be happy to help.

We will be continuing to post announcements, updated information, forms, and links.  Please email [email protected] if there is anything additional you would like to be made available to you on this webpage.

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