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It’s 2022: Get Massive Free Publicity & How to Help Rural Businesses, Canadian-Style

It’s 2022: Get Massive Free Publicity & How to Help Rural Businesses, Canadian-Style

This is Jon Schallert and in my first 2022 newsletter, I have a 100% surefire method for you to get your business MASSIVE FREE PUBLICITY that uses a technique that was first unveiled 20 years ago, plus I’ll show you how one business organization in North America has figured out how to connect business owners who are separated geographically by a 20,000 square mile region (that’s 32,500 square kilometers in Canada), while helping them drive customers and sales to their businesses.

But first, if you’re a business leader or training professional, think about this:

Have you ever thought about helping independent business owners learn new techniques to grow their businesses and strengthen your community?

If so, you are the perfect candidate to become one of my certified Facilitators to lead my Destination Creation Course in your community or State.

Most of our certified Facilitators are currently working in roles like Main Street Managers, Chamber Directors, SBDC Counselors, or in the field of Economic Development. And to be successful as one of our Facilitators, you do NOT have to be a business expert to lead this class.

Just to be clear, this class that you’d be leading is NOT my Destination BootCamp, my entire 14-step, 3-day class. The Destination Creation Course is my simplified version of my Destination process.

As one of our Facilitators, you’d lead local business owners through the Destination Creation Course right in your own community, or you can choose to conduct the course online. We provide you with the training and all the recorded webinar content and a digital workbook for every attendee. Regardless of how you deliver the class, both methods are designed to generate a profitable return on your time investment, and that revenue can go to you or to your organization.

If this sounds intriguing, I have a Destination Train-the-Trainer class next week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, January 18-20. To attend next week’s class, you must register with us by this Thursday, January 13th by 9:00 a.m. Mountain time. (If this is too quick for you to react, I also have another class scheduled in March, 2022).

Currently, we have over 60 Facilitators in 23 States and 2 provinces in Canada and we are looking to add Facilitators to our team. Want to see where we need Facilitators? Just click on our map:

Learn more about becoming one of our Facilitators or bringing the Destination Creation Course to your area, go to

Next up, the If-Then Challenge

In 2001, the public relations firm that represented Pepsi announced that if the 135-ton Soviet Mir Space Station (which was crashing back to Earth after 15 years in orbit), hit a floating, 40 foot by 40 foot vinyl target that Taco Bell had placed in the ocean, that they would then give every American a taco.

What happened next was that hundreds of television, newspaper, and radio outlets picked up the story and publicized it. A massive publicity tsunami flowed for Taco Bell.

Not mentioned in the press release was the fact that the ocean consists of 139 million square miles of water and the company’s promise was contingent upon the space station hitting the 160 square foot target which had the company logo and the words “Free Taco Here!”

Now, if the space station did hit that tiny target, every American would receive a free taco, equaling 300 million tacos, a huge expense for the company.

I like to call this challenge the “If-Then Challenge”. Create an unlikely event with a huge payoff. It starts people wondering: Will this space station really hit the float? And the media loves jumps on this oddity and talks about it.

Be forewarned that this publicity event cannot be used repeatedly with the same media people. If you do this annually, it will become stale, but once in every couple of years, the media will love this!

Oh, and to make sure you don’t go bankrupt on the “Then”, look up Hole-in-One insurance policies and get one before you do this.

Creating Destination Businesses in Saskatchewan, Canada

Finally, I want to tell you about a call I received late last year:

I received a call from an organization in Canada called Community Futures Sunrise and two members of their team wanted to talk to me about the success they were having with my Destination Creation Course.

At the time, I didn’t know what Community Futures Sunrise was, but I soon learned that this Canadian organization is part of a group of nearly 300 offices across the country providing loans, business advice, and business support to entrepreneurs and business owners in southeast Saskatchewan. The Sunrise office covers a huge area of geography in southeast Saskatchewan, over 32,500 square kilometers (that’s over 20,000 square miles), helping businesses in 43 rural municipalities, 54 urban municipalities and three First Nations communities, serving a total population of approximately 65,000.

I learned that this organization was engaged in using our Destination Creation Course in a way that no other group was running classes, and their results were continuing months after the course had been completed.

I don’t want to rewrite the whole story here because I had writer Gene Stowe interview the Sunrise team and he has allowed me to post the story on my blog.
If you’d like to learn about this innovative use of my class in a rural setting that is helping independent business owners create revenue increases during this pandemic, take the time to read this incredible story by clicking here.

That’s it for the January, 2022.

Again, if you want to reach out to me, I’m at [email protected]

Thanks, Everyone!